Living in Awareness

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Learning the Wisdom of Now
Wanting to live in the present is something many people find frustrating. They are told that life renews itself in the present moment, that the burden of the past disguises the joy that is always available in the present. The problem is that these lovely promises are hard to translate into personal experience. You need to probe a little deeper to see what is really needed. There is wisdom in the now that isn’t revealed to the mind.

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Healing Your Spirit in the Current Crisis

During a crisis that only deepens over time, some choices become clearer than they are in normal times. The choice I’d like to present today is between thinking and awareness. Thinking is active, and we spend our lives caught up in mental activity in the form of thoughts, sensations, and feelings constantly on the move. Awareness is inactive. It is the silent background of thoughts, always present but not often noticed by most people.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.