“Meditation is one of the most powerful tools we have for experiencing deep peace and joy.”
–Deepak Chopra

Weekend Within was created for anyone who is seeking balance, healing, and transformation.

Q. I’ve never meditated before, is this event for me?

A. Yes! Weekend Within was designed just for you! Join other like-minded individuals and explore the best the Chopra Center has to offer with inspiring lectures and sessions with Deepak Chopra, special guest(s) and Chopra Center master educators.  You’ll leave with practical tools to create balance at home and work all year long.

Q. Who should attend Weekend Within?

A. Weekend Within is the perfect gateway experience for anyone who is interested in beginning his or her personal exploration of meditation.

Weekend Within is ideal for anyone who is interested in:

  • Learning how to meditate
  • Establishing a spiritual practice
  • Finding their passion and purpose in life
  • Spending a fun, meaningful weekend with their friends and loved ones
  • Discovering tools for creating greater health and wellbeing
  • Building new friendships with a community of like-minded people 
  • Practicing meditation with their family. This weekend is appropriate for young adults ages 13 and over.

Q. What will I learn and experience throughout this retreat?

A. When you attend Weekend Within you will develop a strong meditation practice that will give you the gift of feeling refreshed, revitalized and reconnected to what really matters.

Throughout this soothing and eye-opening retreat you will:

  • Receive your personal Primordial Sound Mantra
  • Develop a strong meditation practice
  • Practice yoga daily
  • Connect to your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Calm your mind and nourish your soul
  • Discover your unique mind-body constitution (Dosha)
  • Learn an introduction to Ayurveda and how you can balance your life
  • Return home with a daily practice, and a renewed sense of wellbeing

Q. What can I expect from Weekend Within?

A. At Weekend Within, you will:

  • Explore expanded states of consciousness
  • Learn the timeless practice of Primordial Sound Meditation
  • Experience a gentle yoga practice for body-centered restful awareness

Deepak Chopra and our special guests will guide you to go beyond your current limiting beliefs and experience deeper layers of yourself. You will connect with like-minded individuals and spark or re-engage practices that will make your life more fulfilling.

Q. Are meals included?

A. Yes, Weekend Within includes two light breakfasts and two healthy Ayurvedic lunches.

Q. What should I wear?

A. We do not have a specific dress code for meditation. We encourage you to wear comfortable street clothes or yoga clothes for all of the meditation sessions. We encourage all of our participants to dress in layers. As you calm down, your heart rate slows down in relaxation, you may find yourself feeling cool. It's best to bring lots of layers to ensure you don't get cold. You may also want to bring a meditation cusion of your choice though the Chopra Center provides both chairs and backjacks for comfortable seating.