"Silence is the great teacher and to learn its lessons you must pay attention to it. There is no substitute for the creative inspiration, knowledge, and stability that come from knowing how to contact your core of inner silence."
–Deepak Chopra

Q. Who will benefit from this retreat?

A. Silent Awakenings is for committed Primordial Sound Meditation practitioners who want to take their meditation and spiritual awareness to a deeper level. A silent retreat isn’t suited for everyone, yet for those who are ready to take a deep inward journey, many gifts await.

Silent Awakenings is perfect for anyone who wants to:

  • Experience a mindfulness retreat in a beautiful nature setting
  • Step away from life’s demands and engage in deep reflection
  • Engage in an extended experience of personal contemplation and rejuvenation
  • Awaken to their essential spiritual nature
  • Expand and deepen their meditation practice

Q. What is a typical day like at Silent Awakenings?

A. Your day will follow a basic structure. The meditations will be led by Deepak and the Chopra Center’s master educators.

  • Sunrise meditation
  • Yoga (indoor and outdoor classes available)
  • Breakfast
  • Group meditation (indoors)
  • Lunch
  • Time to journal and take guided nature walks with Brent BecVar
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Dinner
  • Satsang and meditation with Deepak

Q. Are meals included?

A. Yes, three delectable meals are included and served each day. The food is simple and fresh, with a delicious choice of dishes to support and enliven your body, mind, and spirit during your retreat. Daily menus highlight seasonal produce procured directly from local organic farmers. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available. Asilomar can accommodate some food allergies; please share any concerns with your Program Consultant.

Q. What are the accommodations like at Asilomar?

A. The accommodations are rustic and comfortable, perfect for anyone dedicated to rest and reflection. In keeping with this tradition, guest rooms are free of modern-day distractions such as telephones and televisions. For more information, please go to visitasilomar.com.

Q. What happens during personal time?

A. You will have time every day to be alone. You can exercise, write in your journal, walk on the beach or do anything that is nurturing for your experience.

Q. Are there any requirements to attend?

A. Silent Awakenings is an advanced retreat, limited to 150 guests who have previously attended any Chopra Center program, workshop, or taken our Primordial Sound Meditation online course. This is a unique opportunity for an extended experience of meditation, silence and contemplation that will help you dive deeper and be more present in your life.

We ask that participants fulfill the following prerequisites before coming to Silent Awakenings:

  • For at least two months prior to the event, participants need to have a practice of meditating twice a day with one of the daily meditations lasting a minimum of thirty minutes.
  • At least one day a month in the months leading up to the event, spend the day in silence.

Q. Where do I find lodging and transportation information?

A. Hotel, Transportation, and Parking is located below.

Asilomar Retreat Center, Monterey Bay, CA

Asilomar offers charming accommodations that are perfect for anyone dedicated to rest and reflection. In keeping with this tradition, guest rooms are free of modern-day distractions such as telephones and televisions. Historic Rooms are located in buildings designed by renowned architect Julia Morgan and built between 1913 and 1928, and feature the charms of hardwood floors and rustic furnishings, along with private baths. More contemporary Asilomar Rooms are available with patios, balconies and cozy fireplaces. Read More >>

Hotel Check-In

  • Check in time is 4:00pm; check- out time is 11:00am. Every effort is made to accommodate guests arriving before check-in time, however rooms may not be immediately available.
  • Please note: the discounted Chopra Center room rates are available on a first come, first served basis and are based upon availability. Asilomar does not guarantee that the Chopra Center room rate will be honored once the block of discounted rooms are filled or once the deadline to reserve a room has passed, whichever comes first.
  • For all-inclusive packaged events: If you cancel within 21 days of the start date of your all-inclusive event you will be charged an accommodations cancellation fee. The cancellation fee varies per event. Please refer to your confirmation e-mail for the specific amount.

Transportation Services

Airport Transportation

Monterey Salinas Airbus    



Limousine Service

Main Event Limousines



Hertz Rental Car

(800) 654-2240 (in the US and Canada)

(405) 749-4434 (outside of the US and Canada)

Hertz is offering car rentals at discounted rates for Chopra Center guests. Please ensure the following Convention Number 04UW0006 is entered under the option to Enter a Discount or Promo code at Hertz Website when booking your reservation. 


Parking is complimentary for all guests. 

Q. What should I expect and what should I bring?

A. Information on seasonal weather, packing suggestions, yoga, seating and meals is below.

Seasonal Weather Averages

Winter has average highs around 58°F and lows around 44°F degrees.

Spring has average highs around 63°F and lows around 45°F degrees.

Summer has average highs up to 68°F and lows around 50°F degrees.

Fall has average highs around 70°F and lows around 51°F degrees.

Current local weather:

What to Bring

Our workshops are held in both indoor & outdoor facilities and the temperature in the conference room will vary. Please dress in comfortable layers. You may want to bring sweaters, a light jacket, a hat/scarf, and a coat depending on the season and what you are accustomed to.  

Be sure to bring comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, and a hat or sunglasses.

As a general courtesy to the other guests, we kindly ask that you refrain from wearing fragrances or scented products during the event.

Yoga Classes

Yoga classes will be suitable for beginners and intermediate students.

If you plan to attend yoga classes, please bring your yoga mat. Yoga mats will not be provided. Mats will be available for purchase at the Chopra Center store, Omni La Cost Spa and Livewell boutique.

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that allows for movement.

You may want to bring something light to eat for breakfast as the break can be brief between yoga and the first session.


Both chair and back-jack seating options will be available. 

Remember, you will be sitting for longer periods than you may be accustomed to. You may want to bring a pillow or a blanket for your additional comfort.

Certified Teachers receive reserved seating. All other seating is unassigned.


If you have special dietary needs please contact your Program Consultant. Refer to your event Sample Schedule for a list of included meals.

You are encouraged to begin incorporating more vegetarian meals into your diet at least one week prior to attending the event. This will provide your body the opportunity to adjust to eating a more plant-based diet.

Details and suggestions on course preparation is located on the Pre-Event Checklist linked to your confirmation email, as well as on the event information webpage.