A Silent Meditation Retreat with Deepak Chopra

Event Details

Date:Aug 26-Sep 02, 2018
Asilomar Retreat Center, Monterey Bay, California

Silent Awakenings is a week-long journey within inspired by the wisdom and writing of Chopra Center co-founder David Simon. Held in the serene, beachfront lodge of Asilomar in Northern California’s beautiful Monterey Peninsula, this retreat is designed specifically for meditators who want to spend an extended period in silence, deepening their meditation practice and awakening to the beauty and richness of their own internal life.

Offered only once each year, Silent Awakenings is an all-inclusive silent retreat that allows you to dip into the silent space between thoughts while enjoying the collective energy of our community of like-minded people.

Silent Awakenings invites you to:

  • Enjoy sunrise beach meditations overlooking the Pacific ocean.
  • Join Deepak Chopra and Jyotish expert Brent BecVar for an evening of Satsangs.
  • Connect to your body, breath, and heart with morning and evening yoga sessions led by Chopra Center Master Educators, Amanda Ringnalda and Danielle Mika Nagel.
  • Experience the wisdom of the Five Awakenings – nature, healing, silence, dharma, and love – through meditation, reflection, and journaling.
  • Retreat from life's noise and stimulation and discover the deep rejuvenation of sacred silence.

At Silent Awakenings we invite you to step away and reconnect to what truly matters most.

This retreat is sold out. 
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Course Materials and Resources

When you register for Silent Awakenings, you’ll receive everything you need to take full advantage of the course, including:

  • Silent Awakenings course workbook to take your experience to the next level.
  • Robust take-home course materials in an exclusive Chopra Center tote bag presented to you upon check in.
  • All New! Paid tuition to The Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation On-Demand Course is included as part of Silent Awakenings to enrich both your experience at Silent Awakenings and also the quality your life.

Because Primordial Sound Meditation is so foundational to your experience at Silent Awakenings and integral to your health and well-being, we have included access to the online Primordial Sound Meditation On-Demand Course as a path to establish, or refresh, your own Primordial Sound Meditation practice prior to joining us at Silent Awakenings.

The Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation On-Demand Course is a self-paced, 6-session online course led by Deepak Chopra to help you establish (or deepen) a simple, effortless meditation practice – and use it as a powerful pathway to self-awareness and ultimately to living a more meaningful, satisfying, and joyful life.

Normally $298, when your register for Silent Awakenings you’ll receive access to the entire Primordial Sound Meditation On-Demand Course at absolutely no additional cost.


"The Silent Awakenings experience is a gift you give yourself. Time to be silent in nature and surrounded by like-minded people. Time to disconnect from the outside world. Time to ask, listen, and learn about yourself, who you are, and what you want." – Sue

"Silent Awakenings was unexpectedly profound. Something that I was deeply yearning for but not quite cognizant of. Awesome. Beautiful. Thank you." – J.J.

"This retreat is an incredible opportunity to get in touch with your true self, to reflect on your life and give it a more meaningful direction, and to let your soul shine." – Harry

"This experience was beyond explanation or words. My life changed in many ways that I could never have anticipated. So much so that much of the week after was completely remarkable. Every session was meaningful and one built upon another. It seemed to have a wonderful flow as I personally moved through the experience first with some difficulty but then as I gave into the movement, with great beauty and energy." – Rebecca

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Single occupancy:

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When you register for Silent Awakenings, you’ll receive everything you need to take full advantage of the course, including:

  • Silent Awakenings course workbook.
  • Robust take-home course materials in an exclusive Chopra Center tote bag.
  • All New! Paid tuition to The Chopra Center’s Primordial Sound Meditation On-Demand Course.

Pricing includes ticket, lodging and meals. Transportation not included. Please call 760.494.1639 for more information.