An Inward Journey Through Silence

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Date:Sep 22-29, 2019
Asilomar Retreat Center, Monterey Bay, California

Silence can be one of our greatest teachers… 

When you spend time in silence, listening to your inner wisdom, you will find the answers you have been seeking. 

You’ll discover important guidance for your unique journey, for the next chapter in your life, and for how to go about making a meaningful impact on the world. You’ll even gain confidence to manifest the life you’ve always dreamt of.

But if you can’t hear that inner guidance, or you’ve lost touch with what you desire, that wisdom can go unheard.

Spending time in stillness and silence allows us to listen in and reconnect with that wisdom—and it also nurtures our body, our heart, our relationships, our creative expression, and our soul. 

Silent Awakenings, offered only once per year, is an opportunity to unplug from technology, disconnect from daily demands, and awaken to your essential spiritual nature and the wisdom within.
Held in the serene beachfront lodge of Asilomar, on Northern California’s beautiful Monterey Peninsula, Silent Awakenings allows you to step away from the fray and into the collective energy and company of like-minded people to reconnect with what truly matters.

To glimpse the profound experience that is Silent Awakenings, watch this short video:


Please note that specific educators vary by retreat date, but you will always be guided by experienced Chopra Center certified instructors.

An Intimate Silent Retreat in Community with Deepak

Inspired by the wisdom and writings of Deepak Chopra and Chopra Center Co-Founder David Simon, Silent Awakenings is a week-long, all-inclusive silent retreat designed to support your journey within, your reconnection with your spirit, and your awakening to the beauty and richness of your own internal life.

 “Learning to still the mind’s dialogue opens the door to a domain of silence that has the potential to heal and transform your life. As you tap into this inner silence, you begin the process of shifting your internal reference point from ego to soul, from fear to love, from anxiety to peace, and from constriction to expansion.”—David Simon, M.D., Chopra Center co-founder

This is our only silent retreat for advanced meditators, during which you will immerse yourself in nature, enjoy sunrise beach meditations, and connect to your body, breath, and heart with morning and evening yoga, pranayama, chanting, and meditation sessions. You will sit with Deepak during evening satsangs, where he will answer your questions and speak on topics relevant to being in silence.

Time in Nature 

You’ll connect more deeply with your infinite and eternal nature when you experience the wisdom of the Five Awakenings—nature, healing, silence, dharma, and love—through meditation, reflection, and journaling. Your time in silence on the beach and on nature walks will allow you to experience all of your senses without distraction, and open to the connectedness of all things.

It was almost an indescribable experience that I would do again in a heartbeat. The extended time in silence, yoga, meditation, discussions with Deepak, walks on the beach, and so much more combine to make a memorable retreat into nature and into the Self.”—Vicki M.

“I was aware of the water lapping around my feet, the sand sliding beneath my feet, the breeze in my face, the sound of the waves and all felt still and silent. I knew at that moment, I Am That. It felt like I was home.”—Sarah O.

Deep Connections

Your time at this intimate gathering of advanced practitioners and seekers will feel like you’ve found your tribe. Participants express feeling safe, loved and deeply cared for by the Chopra Center educators and the other participants.

Profound Breakthroughs 

A week in silence creates space for tremendous things to happen. By consciously stilling mental turbulence, recognizing the difference between thinking and being, and listening deeply, you’ll become aware of the creative impulses that are seeking to arise from a deeper domain of your awareness. 

 Here’s what recent participants have said about their breakthroughs at the retreat:

“Life-changing. The event helped heal sadness and create an open space for possibility and spiritual nourishment and creativity.”—Pam T.

“I am able to 100% embrace my own needs and desires. I am no longer afraid of the inner pulsations and attractions. I fell in love with my Self—all of Me!”—Steve E.

Expert Educators

Along with the wisdom of Deepak, Chopra Center Master Educators bring their unique talents and extensive training to Silent Awakenings to create an experience of deep immersion and reflection.

Meditation, Ayurveda, & Yoga Educator Amanda Ree, Vedic Astrologer and Jyotish expert Brent BecVar, and Sivananda Yoga Teacher and Vedic Educator Rene Ringnalda will lead your group meditations and pranayama sessions. Vinyasa Yoga and Meditation Teacher Danielle Mika Nagel will expertly guide you through daily yoga sessions and chanting. The group as a whole will create a safe and supportive environment for your experience and will guide you to gain profound insights during your retreat.

Rest and Renew Your Spirit 

You’ll return home feeling at peace, fulfilled, and connected to your inner world in a new way. You’ll be able to recognize habits of the mind and the voice of your inner wisdom, and be able to apply this to your daily life as you move onto the next phase of your journey. Many people return to Silent Awakenings year after year in order to further reconnect, reflect, and dive deeply within themselves to expand their meditation practice.

Continue to Evolve 

When you leave Silent Awakenings, you’ll bring home everything you need to continue evolving in your daily life, including:

  • How to use silence to notice the mind’s constant inner dialogue and transcend limiting beliefs and patterns of thought.
  • How nature helps you focus on the five senses to bring awareness and healing back to the body.
  • How meditation brings you closer to your essential divinity.


At Asilomar Conference Center, you’ll enjoy a truly peaceful retreat immersed in nature. Monterey Peninsula's "Refuge by the Sea" is on 107 acres of ecologically diverse beachfront land. Stroll a trail through the dunes, bird and wildlife watch, sit in the company of crashing surf and turquoise ocean water, or stargaze. At Asilomar, you can’t help but feel part of the landscape and recognize the interconnectedness of all things.


All meals are included in your retreat. The food is nutritious and fresh, with a delicious choice of dishes to support and enliven your body, mind, and spirit during your retreat. Daily menus highlight locally-sourced seasonal produce from organic farms. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available.


"The Silent Awakenings experience is a gift you give yourself. Time to be silent in nature and surrounded by like-minded people. Time to disconnect from the outside world. Time to ask, listen, and learn about yourself, who you are, and what you want."

"Silent Awakenings was unexpectedly profound. Something that I was deeply yearning for but not quite cognizant of. Awesome. Beautiful. Thank you."

"This retreat is an incredible opportunity to get in touch with your true self, to reflect on your life and give it a more meaningful direction, and to let your soul shine."

"This experience was beyond explanation or words. My life changed in many ways that I could never have anticipated. So much so that much of the week after was completely remarkable. Every session was meaningful and one built upon another. It seemed to have a wonderful flow as I personally moved through the experience first with some difficulty but then as I gave into the movement, with great beauty and energy."