"Wow! I just attended the "Perfect Health Program" at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. It was truly an amazing experience. I met wonderful people, had a massage every day, ate delicious food, participated in meditation and yoga every day, and learned so much about living an Ayurvedic lifestyle and the benefits it brings. If you're looking for more peace and balance in your life, this is a lovely destination to include in your journey. I've been home for 2 days now, and although I already miss being at "the mothership" (as some call it), I have truly taken what I learned and put it in to practice. The Chopra Center for Wellbeing is a great place to start or continue your path to an Ayurvedic lifestyle, including meditation, yoga, nutrition and other nourishing choices. I could not recommend it more highly!”
– Amy D. 

"It was wonderful to take the time to relax. I was able to also release some toxic worries and emotions during yoga and massages. Now I have great hope for my future ability to develop a regular meditation practice.  It was also so beautiful to make connections with the class."
–Clo W.

"Having an Ayurvedic treatment everyday is paradise on earth.  All of the information in the lectures is deeply transformational.  I feel committed to a better way to live.  The course is designed brilliantly."
–Siobhan F.

"The medical consultation was great- very eye opening and done in a very nurturing way.  I got pearls of wisdom from every lecture.  I also loved the massages and bonding with my fellow classmates."
–Carrie B

"It has been a few weeks and days since my arrival and immersion in the Chopra Center. I felt the need to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks for the wonderful environment and positive energy that you and your colleagues radiated when I was there."
–Ray R

"I continue to meditate each day, journal ALMOST every day and eat well. I will begin yoga next week and get into my pilates again.  Thank you all for helping to MAKE MY CUP RUNNETH OVER....that’s the best words I can find right now."
–Dolores G

"When I arrived at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA I was desperate because I had extreme health issues and spent thousands of dollars on doctor appts. and a myriad of blood tests. Only to be told that I most likely have fibromyalgia coupled with an autoimmune disorder.  On day 2 of the Program I noticed that my knees stopped hurting. On day 3 I forgot to take my pain killers because I started feeling better and by day 5 I started feeling better mentally, not so depressed.  I was able to participate in all of the activities i.e. yoga, meditation and began taking long walks around the complex.  On day 10 I was ready to get back to my normal life and instead of seeking out long-term disability options, which I was doing prior to the trip, I was seeking new employment.  I meditate almost every day. When I miss a day of mediation I don’t feel the same. It has become part of my life. I exercise consistently and am stronger then I’ve been in a long time. Many of the teachings have become part of who I am today which is keeping me pain free and mobile along with getting more clarity."