Love Beyond Limits: February 16-18, 2018

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Date:Feb 16-18, 2018
The Chopra Center at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

Discover a completely new approach to love that transforms every aspect of your life at our first-ever Love Beyond Limits.

What is your relationship to love? Have you been looking for love everywhere, but can’t seem to find it? Do you have the rest of your life together, but struggle to maintain a relationship? Do you want love, but you’re so busy that you don’t know how you’ll manage everything? Or maybe you do have fulfilling relationships, but that sense of love and passion is lacking in your career. Perhaps you’re even in your dream relationship, working at your dream job, living in your dream house, but it still feels like there’s something missing…

The missing piece is you. You may have heard the key to finding love is to first love yourself. This is certainly true. But how can you love yourself – or even like yourself – if you don’t truly know who you are?

At Love Beyond Limits, you’ll experience a totally unique event in which you finally get to know yourself and discover the truth that changes everything: you are love. When you identify with yourself in this way, all feelings of fear, lack, and non-love effortlessly fall away.

Learn practical tools and unique techniques, along with one-of-a-kind guided meditations and specialized heart-opening yoga, to finally experience love in its full expression. If you are seeking love, you’ll find it. If you’ve found love, you’ll find more.

Guided by Dr. Robert Holden, world-renowned psychologist and author, and Chopra Center master educators, you’ll learn a completely new approach to love and happiness. The key is not to go looking for love or to try to improve yourself (to be more successful, beautiful, interesting…) in ways you think will make you more loveable. Because nothing really changes until you are able to see the real you, which is love itself.

Explore the miracle of self-acceptance, love, and compassion with Dr. Robert Holden. Watch his short video below to learn more. 

In this 3-day weekend event, you’ll experience a full-day immersion with Robert in which he explains that your destiny is not simply to find love, but to be the most loving person you can be. The quality of your relationship with yourself determines the quality of your relationship with everything else. The only thing you need to do to utterly transform your life is learn how to be the presence of love – in any situation.

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You’ll discover Robert’s unique approach to remove your blocks to giving and receiving love, including:

  • 5 keys to tell “Is this love?” – how to know if someone really loves you, and you really love them
  • Daily practices to become the love you are seeking, so you can attract and keep the relationships you yearn for
  • The true love checklist – 10 common mistakes about love that can cause hurt in relationships, and how to choose a better way
  • 5 principles of mirroring to change your perception – how to see love everywhere you look, in every interaction, and in every person you meet
  • 5 steps to true forgiveness – how to let go of grievances once and for all

Learn how to feel love in every minute of every day – not just in your relationships but in everything you do – at Love Beyond Limits.

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