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Unlocking the Power of Oracles to Guide Your Life
Have you ever held a problem in your mind and flipped through a book, newspaper, or magazine to see what it tells you? If so, you have consulted an oracle. Or perhaps you’ve explored one of the more traditional oracular traditions such as the I Ching (The Book of Changes), tarot cards, rune stones, tea leaf reading, or pendulum dowsing.

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Karma—The Engine of Universal Choice

Have you ever stopped to wonder what makes you you? Of the countless, unimaginably infinite possible forms that consciousness could take, what made you turn out the way you have? In the ocean of consciousness, spirit takes innumerable forms—waves, currents, tides, whirlpools, surges—but there’s only one unique expression of that ocean unlike any other that is you. How did that happen? The answer, in a word, is choices.

Adam Brady