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Daily Habits and Practices for Mental Health
Our daily habits can largely influence how we feel and how we move through our lives. Our state of mind is a culmination of these daily choices, and we have the power to make small decisions every day to benefit our mental and emotional well-being.

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Personal Growth

Endings: A Spiritual Birthplace

The car is driving away. The phone call has been terminated. Your moving van is packed. You are boarding the plane. You are holding your grandmother’s hands and telling her how she has impacted you because you know this is the last time you will be able to look into her eyes. You are rubbing your cat’s chin for the last time and savoring every purr. Endings. Are. Brutal.

Monica LeBlanc, MS, LCMHC
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Mind-Body Health

Four Daily Rituals to Adopt for a Healthier Mind

Thinking about ways to take better care of ourselves can get particularly overwhelming. This is especially true in our modern world as we have access to so many beneficial practices that we might start to feel the pressure to do it all — but none of that is good for our mental health. Starting small with daily rituals vs. throwing ourselves to the wellness wolves is actually much more effective (and sustainable) in promoting a healthier mind while giving us the structure and organization that keeps us growing and progressing.

Jessie Quinn
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Personal Growth

Cleaning with Intention: How to Refresh Your Space in the New Year

Setting intentions for the New Year is an excellent ritual to invite more mindfulness and care into your life. Many New Year’s resolutions are centered around self-improvement — and for good reason. It’s a new year and we want to use this opportunity to improve our lives and ourselves. But, intention setting doesn’t only adhere to personal growth, it can be incorporated into many areas of our lives, including our pesky household chores, such as cleaning.

Jessie Quinn
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How to Manifest Your Intentions With Reiki

Manifestation is all about calling something into your life through your energetic actions. And, Reiki is all about tapping into universal life force energy and channeling those vibrations for your highest good — or the highest good of others. Because both practices are energetic by nature, they are a great combination for not only setting intentions but bringing those intentions to fruition.

Jessie Quinn
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How to Use Visualization to Create the Life You Desire

At the beginning of a new year, many of us think about what we wish for our future. Sometimes we feel excited by the possibilities, and other times we feel overwhelmed or unclear about what we want. When we feel unclear, often it is because we think we cannot have what we hope for or we have been conditioned to think we should want something else that is more “sensible” or more aligned with what others expect.

Heidi Spear