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From Celiac to the Soul: How I Embrace My Journey of Chronic Illness
Embarking on a journey from chronic illness to healing that reshaped my identity and purpose.

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Total Meditation: How to Meditate for Healing

There are now thousands of studies spanning five decades to validate the benefits of meditation. As widespread as this information is, the effect on everyday life has been limited. In my new book, Total Meditation, I wanted to correct the under-use of meditation and the large problem of non-compliance, as a doctor would call it. Too many people start meditating only to quickly give it up or use it only when they are in the mood.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
silhouette of man sitting on grass field at daytime

Meditación Total: Cómo Meditar Para la Curación

Hay ahora miles de estudios que abarcan cinco décadas para validar los beneficios de la meditación. Por muy difundida que esté esta información, el efecto en la vida cotidiana ha sido limitado. En mi nuevo libro, Meditación Total, quise corregir el poco uso de la meditación y el gran problema de la falta de cumplimiento, como lo llamaría un médico. Demasiadas personas comienzan a meditar sólo para abandonar rápidamente la meditación o la usan sólo cuando están de humor.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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The Virus Can Give Your Life More Meaning

Originally published by SF Gate. One way to respond in a crisis is to reduce its threat. The other way is to add to the threat. The coronavirus COVID-19 might be the first collective crisis that many people have faced, and it poses an uncertain future in every country that confronts it. But this doesn’t change the two choices just mentioned. Know that your individual actions will have an impact on countless other people.

Rudolph Tanzi, M.D.