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Om for the Holidays: Finding Your Center Amidst the Chaos
The good cheer, connection, and fun of the holiday season is often juxtaposed with stress, overwhelm, and pressures. Fortunately, Ayurveda offers practical strategies to mitigate energy depletion and maximize enjoyment during the most festive time of the year.

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Practices for Steadiness and Presence

In the same way that we see leaves fall away from the trees, this season is the time for us to shed some of the clutter we’ve picked up over the course of this past year. We’re well into Vata season by now and this airy energy tends to leave us feeling as if we are a part of the fallen leaves, drifting in the wind. Both fortunately and unfortunately, this feeling is completely normal. If you’re experiencing anything that feels overwhelming or ungrounding, you are not alone.

Daniel Sannito (they/them)