Discover Your Purpose Toolkit

Life is meant to be more than a series of tasks and routine day-to-day existence. Are you ready to begin living a life of passion and purpose? Learn to overcome any obstacles standing between you and your dreams with The Chopra Center’s Discover Your Purpose Toolkit.

Our free Discover Your Purpose Toolkit is your engine to revealing your deepest desires and taking concrete steps toward living the life of your dreams. The toolkit includes:

  • An introspective e-book with exercises to chart your path to your true purpose
  • A transformational worksheet for identifying the areas in your life you’d like to bring more attention to
  • A special meditation from Deepak Chopra, MD for cultivating abundance
  • An inspiring, 30-minute 1:1 session with a Chopra Center coaching consultant to review your Wheel of Life worksheet responses—and determine if the Chopra Center Coaching Program is the right step to move you toward the life of your dreams

Each component gives you greater confidence, clarity, and the practical tools you need to live a life of purpose and passion.

Start your journey toward identifying and fulfilling your deepest desires, aligning with your dharma, and expanding your awareness with our free Discover Your Purpose Toolkit.