An Attitude of Gratitude

It is with deep appreciation from Deepak Chopra and the entire Chopra Center family, that we thank you for your dedication to transformation, wellness, and self-awareness. It is because of you we will make Deepak’s vision of reaching a billion people with the message of consciousness a reality.

In celebration of hitting 100k followers on Instagram we would like to give you our Attitude of Gratitude eBook to help you find greater health and balance—absolutely free!

An Attitude of Gratitude: Your Guide to Attracting Happiness, Love, and Wellbeing

“Gratitude is good for you; it creates a biochemical shift in the body. The brain responds to positive input and sends life-enhancing messages to every cell.” Deepak Chopra

Do you ever feel fatigued, lonely, or overwhelmed about the uncertainty of the future? You’re not alone, and the key to greater peace, happiness, and hope could be in a regular gratitude practice.

To help you shift your mood and open your mind, body, and spirit to the flow of abundance surrounding you, we created the eBook, An Attitude of Gratitude: Your Guide to Attracting Happiness, Love, and Wellbeing.

With this free eBook, you’ll discover:

  • The powerful physical, social, and psychological benefits of practicing gratitude
  • Specific practices you can integrate into your daily life without a lot of time
  • Tips for successfully working with gratitude so you can experience its life-enhancing benefits

We hope you enjoy!

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