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The Key to Keeping an Active and Healthy Lifestyle with a Busy Schedule
Let’s face it, although many of us strive to be the healthiest, best version of ourselves, sometimes our hectic lives can make us feel like this is not within our reach. Many of us succumb to the demands that our everyday lives bring and leave our health and well-being to the last second. However, our health should be molded into a part of our lifestyle.

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How Shorter Workouts Can Bring Balance to Your Exercise Routine

Shorter workouts have taken over the at-home exercise space with everything from online yoga to Pilates to cardio classes being pared down to shorter increments. For many, this switch-up has been welcomed with open arms, making it even easier to get a workout into a jam-packed day. But, time isn’t the only reason why this workout trend has grown in popularity — it’s the efficacy of a shorter workout that makes it even more appealing.

Jessie Quinn