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Unlocking the Power of Oracles to Guide Your Life
Have you ever held a problem in your mind and flipped through a book, newspaper, or magazine to see what it tells you? If so, you have consulted an oracle. Or perhaps you’ve explored one of the more traditional oracular traditions such as the I Ching (The Book of Changes), tarot cards, rune stones, tea leaf reading, or pendulum dowsing.

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Mind-Body Health

Seeking Balance—Finding Your Life’s True North

In our quest for total well-being, there is one principle, one guiding pillar that, like a lighthouse will always lead us back to our most natural state of calm and centered well-being. That principle is balance. Balance is the sense of equilibrium between all the influences, elements, and forces we experience in our lives. It’s the well-proportioned state between the opposites of rest and activity, work and play, day and night, hot and cold. In physiological terms, balance is reflected in the homeostatic stability that helps to ensure the optimal functioning of our body.

Adam Brady

Harness Your Gifts and Fulfill Your Purpose

In his transformational book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra describes seven timeless principles for living a life filled with love, fulfillment, abundance, peace, and joy. One of these principles is known as the Law of Dharma. The word dharma is a Sanskrit term that can be translated as our purpose in life. The Law of Dharma states that each of us has a unique talent . . . something that we can do better than anyone else on the planet. And for every special talent, the world has a unique need that can only be filled by the expression of that talent.

Teresa Long