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Re-Emerging Into the World With Purpose
Have you ever had a feeling of purpose in a way that strikes you to your core? A moment of alignment so clear that you can feel it with every cell? That seemingly fleeting feeling is something we can access at any time of any day, the truth is all it takes is a moment of pause.

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Mind-Body Health

How To Embrace Uncertainty

Life is a mystery, and 2020 has been a stranger year than most. With multiple disruptions and many unknowns, it’s been nearly impossible to stay consistently calm. As a nation, and a world, we’ve had to reexamine fundamental beliefs and habits, get creative, and reinvent (or at least reorient) ourselves in multiple aspects of life. With an election just around the corner and political anxiety mounting on both sides, the “year of uncertainty” continues!

Kayse Budd, M.D.