Teacher Training Bonuses

1) A printable planner to keep you inspired and on track ($29 value)

2) An incredible eBook bundle including 5 titles ranging in topic from time management to manifestation ($139 value)

3) Three group manifestation and visualization webinar sessions with a Chopra Educator ($799 value)

4) Access to an exclusive 60-minute Coaching Wisdom Workshop hosted by Pete Kirchmer ($299 value)

5) The 30-Day Well-being Business Kickstarter Course to help establish your coaching business. Delivery timeframe: Fall 2021 for individuals completing our Coaching Enrichment & Certification Program ($1,299 value)

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Valuable resources, life skills, and accountability tools to help you feel supported on your journey

Click here to download your printable planner.

Click on the links below to download your five incredible ebooks ranging in topic from time management to manifestation:

5-Step Guide to Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams

7 Steps to Manage Your Stress and Find Balance

Time Management Makeover: Tips to Prioritize, Balance, and Live with Purpose

Your Roadmap to Purpose, Desire, and Destiny

21 Days of Inspiration
Letting Go - Release What No Longer Serves You and Make Room for What Does

In this first of three group manifestation and visualization sessions, Roger Gabriel, Chopra's Chief Meditation Officer, will share how to accept the past and create the space to move forward, forgive and free yourself, and be grateful.
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Embracing Flow - Create a Life Centered in Love

In this second of three manifestation and visualization sessions, Roger will share how to recognize that your true essence is pure love, purify your heart center, and balance inner devotion and outer service.
Ignite Your Potential

In this final group manifestation and visualization session, Roger will share how to deepen your meditation practice, become aware of opportunities in every situation, and make your dreams a reality.
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Meaning Making and Shifting Perspectives with Pete Kirchmer, Director of Chopra Coaching
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