Exciting changes at Chopra Global

Dear Chopra Community,

Chopra Global’s mission is to empower personal transformation for collective wellbeing, with the intention to support a more peaceful, just, sustainable, healthier, and joyful society. At the core of this mission is Deepak Chopra's vision to reach one billion people with the message of consciousness.

Over the last year, we have explored partnerships to expand and support this vision. As a culmination of this process and with my father’s (Deepak) full support and enthusiasm, we are pleased to announce that Chopra Global will partner with two companies - The Healing Company (HLCO) and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) - who will assume management of certain Chopra activities to provide focused support for our existing and growing community. My father has a long-standing relationship with both companies, and has been impressed with their missions, visions and leadership.

The Healing Company has acquired Chopra's physical product business, which is in the early stages of relaunch, the Chopra Meditation and Well-being App, and Chopra's licensing business, which includes the Chopra Health Retreat at CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa and the Chopra Mind-Body Zone at the Lake Nona Performance Club. As Chief Scientific Officer of The Healing Company, Deepak has already played a significant role in anchoring their vision to bring integrated healing to the world to help millions of people improve the quality of their life.“

I am deeply inspired by The Healing Company’s vision and leadership, and am very excited to work together to launch new products and practices that meet the Chopra community—and the world’s—healing needs”
- Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Chopra’s Education business, including our Meditation and Health Teacher Training Programs and our Coaching Certification Program along with the support for Chopra's global network of 5,000 certified teachers and coaches, will now be operated by IIN, a pioneering leader in the health coaching field with over 160,000 trained graduates and a reputation for quality and service. Deepak has been a part of IIN's esteemed faculty for decades, and we believe the Chopra community will benefit from new connections, expanded offerings, and greater opportunities afforded through IIN's global network and platform. IIN plans to expand the Chopra Coaching program, reintroduce Chopra’s yoga certification program, and continue the existing meditation and health certifications. In connection with this change, Deepak has assumed the role of IIN’s Chief Wellness Officer.

"I’m honored to partner with IIN to take the coaching movement and wellness education to its next stage of evolution. Coaches and teachers are indispensable resources at a time when we must restore wellbeing at both personal and societal levels. Together, IIN and Chopra will be a formidable leader in the movement towards a healthier world."
- Dr. Deepak Chopra, M.D.

We feel confident that this next chapter in Chopra Global's journey will support both the work and legacy of Deepak Chopra, as well as our global community. My father and the Chopra family will continue to actively work with The Healing Company and IIN to offer quality products and programs, support our global family, and inspire personal growth and healing.

In love and gratitude,
Mallika Chopra
CEO of Chopra Global


Will the "heart" and mission of Chopra and the teachings be impacted with these changes?

We firmly believe that through our partnerships with IIN and The Healing Company, our teachers will discover more support and resources, our certification programs will expand (adding yoga and NBHWC coaching), and our re-launched products and the Chopra meditation and wellbeing app will be even better able to serve individuals on their wellbeing journey. Deepak Chopra, as an individual, and Chopra Global as a business entity, will continue to support these two partners which were selected because they share Chopra's guiding principles of service, compassion, and healing.

What role is Deepak going to have moving forward?

Deepak serves as Chief Scientific Officer for The Healing Company and has a longstanding relationship with IIN as program faculty. He will now have an expanded role with IIN, as Chief Wellness Officer, where he will bring consciousness-based research and education to an expanded global community, and continue to support both partners. Our choice in these two partnerships was deliberate and based on Deepak's longstanding relationship with both of them.

What role will Chopra Global's main educators continue to play?

The Chopra educators and support staff that you know and have worked with for many years will continue to support Chopra products and services.

Who do I go to for customer service?

As we move through this transition, we are focused on minimizing any disruption. Accordingly, you may continue reaching out to Certifications@chopra.com and Support@chopra.com in the near-term for questions and issues regarding your certifications and app/consumer products, respectively. For event inquiries, you will be designated a program consultant or support staff member to answer your questions prior to the applicable event, and you are always welcome to email JoinUs@chopra.com for event support. In the coming months you will notice a gradual shift in support protocols as IIN and the Healing Cmpany, respectively, assume more business functions.

What will happen with my access to previously purchased Chopra digital products, like my Chopra App, Meditation Albums, or online courses?

All prior purchases will continue to be governed by the terms and conditions applicable at the time of purchase. With the exception of the Education courses which will be managed by IIN, the other products and services will be provided by way of the The Healing Company through their operation of the Chopra App and chopra.com.

Are the terms and conditions for my Chopra purchases changing?

Chopra's existing terms and conditions will remain in effect in the near term. As IIN and The Healing Company assume operations of their respective Chopra products and services, they may update the applicable terms and conditions and will provide appropriate notices and updates at those times.

What happens to my data?

For the foreseeable future, substantially all of your information will remain under the control of Chopra. However, in accordance with our privacy policy, user data that is necessary to support your access to and participation in Chopra purchased products will be transferred to IIN and the Healing Company, as applicable, as required for this purpose. Any and all marketing and sales data will be centrally managed by Chopra until the date that IIN and the Healing Company are ready to take control of such activities through its own systems. If and when these policies or activities change, you will be notified as appropriate.

Is the Chopra Health Retreat at CIVANA Wellness Resort and Spa continuing?

Yes, the Chopra Health Retreat will continue at CIVANA Wellness Resort & Spa. The current Chopra Global team will continue to support CIVANA in operations of the retreat, now under the guidance of, and with the added benefit of expertise from, The Healing Company. A retreat at CIVANA continues to be an immersive and holistic way to integrate Ayurveda into your life.

Do I continue to work with my Program Consultant?

Future enrollments in teacher and coach training programs will be handled by dedicated Program Consultants who have been with Chopra for many years and are now employees of IIN, in addition to IIN employees. Registration for the Chopra Health Retreat at CIVANA Wellness Resprt & Spa will also be assumed by dedicated Program Consultant(s). For the larger Chopra events, which are currently sold out, we will have staff from Chopra Global through the final retreat this year to support all guests. While a guest's specific Program Consultant may not be available to support, there will be experienced staff on hand to field any questions or support needs that arise. For immediate event guest support, please reach out to our team at JoinUs@chopra.com.

Will the support I receive and resources I access as a teacher change? If so, how?

Not in the short term. In the long term, IIN plans to integrate Chopra teachers and coaches in the robust affiliate, continued education, and business services offerings provided by IIN.

I have more questions about the future of the Chopra organization and this transition. Can I speak to someone?

We understand that this is exciting news and you may have questions. There is nothing more about the Chopra organization's business decisions to share at this time. If you have questions about specific products and services you are enrolled in, you may reach out to support@chopra.com.

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Meet The Healing Company

The Healing Company Inc. was founded with a bold aim: Bring integrated healing to the world. Compelled by the global healthcare crisis and a deep belief in a different way—one which draws on conventional medicine and ancient wisdom, science and nature—the company looks to democratize access to integrated healing methods, while helping the world evolve how it thinks about health and healthcare. To do so, the company is building a community of powerful healing brands, identifying, acquiring, and helping scale the reach and impact of the world’s highest potential healing practices & products.

For more information, visit http://www.healingcompany.com.

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Meet The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN)

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), who pioneered the health coaching profession 30 years ago, is evolving into the world’s leading health education platform with the largest global presence of Health Coaches – over 160,000 coaches and teachers in over 175 countries. Today, IIN is actively healing the world through landmark partnerships, including Chopra Global, and groundbreaking online courses that cover a wide range of wellness topics with our new integrative health education and certification platform. An IIN education empowers you to transform your health, find your passion, and live your happiest, healthiest life.

Fore more information, visit https://www.integrativenutrition.com.