Chopra Meditation Certification Program

Turn your passion for well-being into your profession.

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For over 20 years the Chopra Center and Deepak Chopra have taught this mindfulness technique to thousands. Now this program is available online with our enrichment and certification programs. Whether you’re looking to strengthen your own practice or become a teacher, our programs offer a unique experience, an engaged community, and an active alumni-base. So grab a seat.
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Introducing our
Chopra Meditation Enrichment
Calendar Start Date:
Clock Duration: 6 weeks
The Enrichment course is an in-depth education in the philosophy and technique of mantra meditation. In this highly interactive, instructor-led program, Deepak Chopra and Roger Gabriel, our Chief Meditation Officer, will walk you through the foundations of mantra meditation, the science behind it, and expert techniques for perfecting your practice. Upon completion, you’ll be eligible for our Certification Program and to become a teacher. In this interactive course, you will be able to connect with your classmates and instructors through live Q&As and webinars, and community forums. And you can access course materials from anywhere, as often as you like, so you can fully immerse yourself in its teachings. Take the next step in your meditation practice and join us.
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Introducing our
Chopra Meditation Instructor Certification
Calendar Start Date:
Clock Duration: 10 weeks
Develop your personal teaching approach in our 10-week Meditation Certification program. Learn to teach all skill levels and stock up on tools for building curriculum and presentations. Working in small online study groups with faculty and peers, you’ll also get hands-on experience in sharing philosophy and technique. Graduate with an internationally recognized certification, access to the newest meditation research and studies, and exclusive teaching and business development resources.