Chopra Coaching Certification Program

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Chopra Teachers learn, apply, and teach well-being techniques and tools to others. Upon completion of both teacher certifications, they have the opportunity to continue their education to become a Chopra Well-being Coach.

Chopra Coaching draws from best practices in life and health coaching methodology, neuroscience, positive psychology, and Deepak Chopra’s life’s work. It trains well-being coaches who are prepared to offer guidance and concrete support for every step of the well-being journey.

Want to play a role in helping others thrive? Complete our Meditation Certification and Health Certification to start your coaching journey.

Already checked those off the list? Congratulations! Learn more about the next steps below.
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Introducing our
Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program
Calendar Start Date:
Clock Duration: 4 weeks
Following completion of the Chopra Health and Meditation Certifications, you can continue to the Coaching Enrichment Program. In this instructor-led, blended online program, you will gain knowledge in core coaching practices, the clients you're best suited to serve, and the type of business you want to create. You'll learn the methodologies that will eventually help you build your coaching practice, including Chopra's proprietary Mind-Body Type Assessment Tool to personalize your coaching—all while connecting with classmates and instructors through live Q&As and community forums. By the end of the program, you will have a personal and direct understanding of the power of the Chopra Coaching methodology. Upon successful completion of the enrichment program, you may decide to advance your skills by taking the Chopra Coaching Certification program to become a certified Well-being Coach.
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Introducing our
Chopra Coaching Instructor Certification
Calendar Start Date:
Clock Duration: 12 weeks
After you’ve completed the Chopra Health and Meditation Certifications, and the Coaching Enrichment program, you have the opportunity to become one of the first certified Chopra Well-being Coaches. Members of this highly skilled group are naturally compassionate and open-hearted. Acting as a mind, body, spirit guide for their clients, they’re able to offer a full spectrum of support and can help clients experience deep transformative healing. You’ll immerse yourself in the four cornerstones of the Chopra Coaching methodology and then learn to deliver these life-changing experiences to your own clients.