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Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program

Clock Duration: 4 weeks
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Experience the transformative power of the Chopra Coaching Methodology.

Following completion of the Chopra Health and Meditation Certifications, you can continue to the Coaching Enrichment Program. In this instructor-led, blended online program, you will gain knowledge in core coaching practices, the clients you're best suited to serve, and the type of business you want to create. You'll learn the methodologies that will eventually help you build your coaching practice, including Chopra's proprietary Mind-Body Type Assessment Tool to personalize your coaching—all while connecting with classmates and instructors through live Q&As and community forums. By the end of the program, you will have a personal and direct understanding of the power of the Chopra Coaching methodology. Upon successful completion of the enrichment program, you may decide to advance your skills by taking the Chopra Coaching Certification program to become a certified Well-being Coach.
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Well-being fundamentals
What you’ll learn
Feel knowledgeable and prepared
Immerse yourself in a complete, mind-body-spirit coaching methodology rooted in ancient wisdom and modern science.
Design your spiritual relationship
Learn how to establish a client-coach relationship based on trust and the first steps to gaining clients.
Unlock your clients' inner wisdom
Learn the art of questioning to help your clients break through the walls that are holding them back.
Facilitate transformation
Learn how to give well-being guidance that can result in personal transformation.
Content details
A look inside the Coaching Enrichment program

Session 1 (week 1): Introduction to coaching

Learners will get an overview of the coaching process and begin finding sample clients.

Session 2 (week 2): Coaching relationship

Learners will understand the role of the coach and how to integrate the teachings of both Health/Meditation.

Session 3 (week 3): Coaching presence

Increase your mindful awareness and learn the art of active listening and questioning clients.

Session 4 (week 4): Coaching process

Learn the steps to gain a client, manage your sessions, and keep up with your own rituals and self-care.


Available Dates


Program Dates

09/20/22 - 10/17/22

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Program Dates

01/24/23 - 02/20/23

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Program Dates

05/23/23 - 06/19/23

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Meet your teacher
  • Pete Kirchmer

    Pete Kirchmer


    Pete Kirchmer

    Pete Kirchmer is the founder of Mindfulness Based Health Coaching, the Program Director for the UCSD Center For Mindfulness mPEAK program (Mindful, Performance Enhancement, Awareness & Knowledge) and is the developer and lead trainer for the Chopra Center Life Coaching program. 


Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program

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$ 800 - 1,000
  • 4 sessions with interactive lessons, videos, and downloads that can be completed in ~6 hours per week
  • Live Q&A sessions with Chopra Faculty
  • A best-in-class online learning experience
  • Interactive, facilitated discussion forums
  • Access to a like-minded, mission-based global community

Note: You are only eligible to enroll in the Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program after or with concurrent enrollment in both Chopra Meditation and Chopra Health Teacher Trainings. Both are prerequisites.

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