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Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program

Calendar Start Date: May 11, 2021
Clock Duration: 4 weeks
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Experience the transformative power of the Chopra Coaching Methodology.

Uncover limiting beliefs, develop a personalized roadmap for fulfillment and align with dharma as you immerse yourself in the four principles of the Chopra Coaching methodology. It’s a curriculum that will leave you profoundly more clear about your own next steps. Upon successful completion of the enrichment program, you may continue to the Chopra Coaching Certification program.
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Well-being fundamentals
What you’ll learn
Unlock your potential
Uncover your own powerful inner force for positive change.
Align with dharma
Get clear on your personal path to fulfillment.
Transcend stress
Embody new ways of being that allow more resilience and stability
Befriend your shadow
Learn to non-judgmentally acknowledge and accept all parts of yourself.
Content details
A look inside the Coaching Enrichment program

Session 1: The power of intention

Learners will review the "fulfillment of desire" and dive into meditation. group coaching, introduction to teaching, and their personal story. Group exercises and group coaching are a key method to all sessions.

Session 2: Finding purpose

Learners will review "aligning dharma." They will uncover topics such as gratitude, coaching purpose, values clarification, and co-creating home practice intentions.

Session 3: Responding to stress​

Learners will review "open awareness." They will review expanded awareness vs. contracted awareness and learn to shift perspectives and limiting beliefs as it pertains to groups and coaching.​

Session 4: Shadow work

Learners will review "non-dual mindfulness." They will review shadow work and negative self-talk, share a monologue of their inner-critic, clarify somatic processing, and unveil where to go from here.​

Meet your teacher
  • Pete Kirchmer

    Pete Kirchmer


    Pete Kirchmer

    Pete Kirchmer is the founder of Mindfulness Based Health Coaching, the Program Director for the UCSD Center For Mindfulness mPEAK program (Mindful, Performance Enhancement, Awareness & Knowledge) and is the developer and lead trainer for the Chopra Center Life Coaching program. 


Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program

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$ 1,000
  • 4 sessions with interactive lessons, videos, and downloads that can be completed in ~6 hours per week
  • Live Q&A sessions with Chopra Faculty
  • A best-in-class online learning experience
  • Interactive, facilitated discussion forums
  • Access to a like-minded, mission-based global community

Note: You are only eligible to enroll in the Chopra Coaching Enrichment Program after or with concurrent enrollment in both Chopra Meditation and Chopra Health Teacher Trainings. Both are prerequisites.

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