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How to Stay Positive During the Pressures of Young Adulthood
For many of us, our 20s can be an era of utter confusion. Pressure from all angles of life including uncertainty towards our career path, unbalanced relationships, and financial struggles appear to be thrown at us faster than a 90-mph baseball pitch. It’s as though the world is grabbing us by the shoulders and shaking us to say, “wake up, your life is about to begin.”

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Mind-Body Health

Why Companies Are Considering Shorter Workweeks to Support Mental Health

For people with full-time jobs, working four days a week rather than five days could have lasting positive effects for individuals and for society as a whole. Bold companies in the United States and abroad who want to offer their employees better opportunities for work-life balance are testing the 32-hour workweek and finding positive results. Here are some benefits to consider, ways to move forward, and legislators working on the issue.

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Mind-Body Health

How to Use Mindfulness to Prevent Burnout at Work

For most professionals, the feeling of burnout is a familiar one. The energy that once filled your workday slowly trickles away. You notice your efficiency slip but cannot find the inspiration to regain it. The fatigue settles into your body. You can feel it in your back, your temples. Even if you entered your profession with lofty inspirations and a sense of fulfillment, you notice your inner dialogue around your job becoming increasingly negative. Experiencing burnout isn’t a reflection on you or your professional worthiness. It’s a consequence of a culture that encourages people to put work ahead of their personal needs. According to a recent trends report from the American Psychological Association, burnout and work-related stress are at an all-time high. That’s why it’s never been more important for professionals to practice mindfulness.

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Personal Growth

Consejos Para Una Carrera Dichosa

Si suena extraño emparejar las dos palabras "dicha" y "carrera", la razón es clara: en la vida moderna, la satisfacción personal no es una alta prioridad cuando se trata del ámbito laboral. Los encuestadores reportan que a la mayoría de las personas les gusta su trabajo, pero eso no es decir mucho. Por lo general, una semana laboral moderna consiste en largas horas, llevar el trabajo a casa, soportar las dificultades interpersonales en el trabajo y enfrentar el estrés repetido.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.