How to Build Self-Confidence

How to Build Self-Confidence
Every individual has a different outlook on what self-confidence means, how to get it, and how to maintain it. Think about what scrolls across your mind when you hear the words.

I have been a confident person most of my life but as I write this, I reflect upon a time in my life when I was not. How did I get it? How did I keep it with all the doubt swirling around me? Before I studied metaphysics I could not have answered those questions. I just knew it was there. What I’ve learned is that self-confidence is the most important asset to a happy, fulfilling life, and I want to help guide you inward to building and maintaining yours.

Your Higher Self

Some people shy away from a spiritual practice simply because of the label. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a spiritual person, or you don’t believe it has any benefit in your daily struggles or responsibilities. Perhaps it makes you uncomfortable because there’s no tangible being on the receiving end. The problem is that when you have a person on the receiving end, and you throw out your doubts, fears, worries, prayers, and complaints to the world, humans pick up on those words and vibrations and begin to label you as those things.

When you incorporate a meditation practice into your life, you begin to understand that there’s another sounding board—one that’s listening to you and speaking back. Unlike the humans who label and judge you, this recipient does not. It is your higher self—the spirit version of you who sees and observes all that you call life. Your higher self has all the answers because from his or her point of view there are no limits, no doubts, and no expectations, only love, timelessness, and perfection.

The only way to tap into the wisdom of your higher self is to meditate. This is the tool that opens the circuit board of communication. Through meditation you receive answers, the right answers that will help build self-confidence.

Your higher self is waiting for you to tap into its potential. Among its numerous gifts to give are:

  • Solutions
  • Direction
  • Guidance
  • Affection
  • Acceptance
  • Appreciation
  • Attention
These are needs that all humans desire, with the importance of each one changing as you grow. These gifts come at all times, with no regret, no ulterior motive, and free from judgment. Gaining these answers from within will shine through your physical self, and radiate through to your interactions with others. As a result, a genuine confidence from spirit shines through.

Tune Your Chakras

There are seven main energy centers, or chakras, that run vertically up your spine and have the ability to empower you. Take a look at each one and how it can help boost self-reliance and confidence in your abilities.

Root (Muladhara): When in balance, the root chakra provides the feeling of being grounded. This helps you to adapt to whatever life throws at you without the unstable feeling that comes when this chakra is blocked. Change no longer evokes anxiety or reluctance; transformation becomes exciting and fun.

Sacral (Svadhisthana): The negative outcomes of a blocked sacral chakra can be challenging. Problem solving can seem impossible when this chakra needs work. That can be very harmful to an ego. When in balance, however, the sacral can bloom with creativity and charm.

Solar Plexus (Manipura): A balanced solar plexus can provide the power you desire to accomplish anything. Those with a “strong sense of will,” get it from the solar plexus. When you know your destiny, and no one can deter you, that is confidence.

Heart (Anahata): Love and confidence are intertwined more than you might realize. If you love and have found peace through your higher self, the thoughts and words of others have much less (if any) impact on your personal confidence scale. You love yourself, not the roles you play.

Throat (Vishuddha): Ahhhh … communication: a tricky thing. You may feel as though you’ve communicated your needs and feelings very clearly while the other party involved may not have any concept of your words. The throat chakra helps you to communicate your desires in a way that will be not only heard but also understood.

Third Eye (Ajna): The eye inside. This chakra sees beyond sight, giving you a clearer view than your physical eyes ever could. When you follow your third eye and learn the difference between your intuition and your mind, your confidence will surely soar.

Crown (Sahaswara): Complete connection to the higher self. When the crown and third eye are clear, there is no self-hate. You may feel as though a force outside yourself is guiding you. From this, you begin to understand that, on a universal level, even imperfections are perfect.

Techniques for Chakra tuning include:

Try This

Reflect back over your childhood for a moment. Do you remember a time when nothing seemed impossible and you believed you could do or be anything? Do you also remember when this started to change?

Most likely, things changed for you when someone you cared about made a statement that shattered your ambition. They were only speaking from their experiences and subconscious mind, without any intention of stealing your confidence, yet the impact on you was profound.

We are not placed on this Earth to lay our abilities into another’s hands. Don’t let your source of self-confidence come from someone else. If that person decided tomorrow that you’re not as great as they believed, does that make you less great? Of course not! The true and only source for personal power comes from within.

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