Ask Roger: How to Reside in the Field of Infinite Possibilities

Ask Roger: How to Reside in the Field of Infinite Possibilities
For the Ask Roger column, Roger Gabriel, Chopra’s Chief Meditation Officer, answers questions from our community. If you have a general question for Roger around meditation and spiritual practices, please send an email to, and your question may be one he answers next.

In this article, Roger answers questions about manifestation meditation, managing uncomfortable emotions, and staying in the present moment.

Do you do manifestation meditations?

Every meditation is, to some degree, for manifestation. Everything in the Universe is sound or vibration, at its essential level. These vibrations have been documented in the Vedic texts as the thousands of mantras. When we chant or use one of these mantras in meditation, we enliven the specific vibration, which can manifest the desired effect.

Mantras such as the Primordial Sound mantras taught by Chopra, have no specific meaning, but are used to take our awareness to the field of infinite possibilities. With regular practice, we gain access to this field in our everyday life and begin to spontaneously manifest our desires.

The meditations Deepak Chopra leads during the 21-Day programs, plus many of the guided meditations on the Chopra App, also have manifestation qualities.

What is the best type of meditation to heal uncomfortable emotions?

On the Chopra App, there are a lot of guided meditations in the Library's Emotional SOS section, to help with various emotional challenges. It’s often difficult to deal with emotions at the level of the mind and the emotion itself. One emotion often sparks another emotion, leading to frustration and confusion. However, all emotions have a corresponding physical sensation.

Whenever you are faced with an uncomfortable emotion, shift your awareness into the body. This is best done with eyes closed but can be done with them open if necessary.

  • Do a quick scan and see where you are feeling the emotion in your body.
  • There will be some area of discomfort, tension, or tightness.
  • Now breathe into the sensation. You can breathe deeply and more powerfully if you wish.
  • As the sensation begins to soften, you will notice that the emotion has also begun to fade.

The sooner you catch and release an emotion the better. Deep root emotions may take longer, and you may need to repeat this process several times. Forgiveness is also an important part of the healing process. Forgiveness will help to release you from emotional suffering.

Is it possible to combine future self-affirmations with being truly present in the now?

The only way to effectively plan for the future is to be fully present in the now. The past has gone, what we call the future may never happen, the only thing we have is now. Make your affirmations, plant the seeds of your desires, then let them go, release them into the field of infinite possibilities, which is also in the now. Let go of any attachments to them and allow the Universe to organize everything for us or, if necessary, send something better instead.

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