Hello, I’m
Paddy Barrett, M.D.

Dr. Paddy Barrett is a Clinician Scholar at the Scripps Translational Science Institute, San Diego, California. He is a trained Interventional Cardiologist with a particular interest in how Digital Medicine will radically alter the practice of medicine today and in the future.

Originally from Ireland his 16 years in medicine to date have exposed him to medical training on a global scale, having practiced in Ireland, Sydney, New York and San Diego.

Dr. Barrett has been the recipient of numerous awards including the Menarini Travelling Research Scholarship, the University College Dublin McArdle Medal in Surgery and several others.

His research interests have spanned novel patch sensor technologies for detection of cardiovascular disease states to the physiological effects of microgravity during NASA parabolic flight campaigns. Dr. Barrett regularly speaks at medical conferences around the world and serves on working groups for the National Institute of Health.

For the duration of his Intern year Dr. Barrett was followed along with three other doctors in the award nominated TV series "Junior Doctors" which was broadcast to an audience of millions. His work has featured on TimeHealth, BusinessWeek, Daily Mail UK, TheHeart.Org, The New York Academy of Sciences, The New England Journal of Medicine, Nature Reviews Cardiology and a variety of other media outlets and peer reviewed journals.

Dr. Barrett is deeply committed to addressing the ever growing issue of physician burnout, helping others in healthcare rediscover their passions and exploring the concepts which impact these areas.

When not working you will either find him mountaineering, meditating, surfing or flying.