Hello, I’m
Joemy Blanco

Yoga and meditation instructor
Her love and passion for the dramatic arts led her to study theater and spend several years in television, theater, and cinema. It was the emotional and physical demands of this same vocation that led her to explore herself and seek tools that would give her life more balance and meaning. Joemy immersed herself in studies of human evolution beginning with becoming a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor from the Chopra Center in California in 2010. For the next several years Joemy combined a successful career as a media specialist, communicator, journalist, and actress alongside to guiding hundreds of people as a Yoga / Meditation instructor for adults and children and use sound as a healing and calm therapy. Although she has completed several studies including Reiki, Sound Therapy, and Prenatal Yoga, among others, her personal experience has been her greatest teacher. Meditation and self-reflection have been her best friend during the most challenging times of her life. From this sacred space, her passion for communicating and sharing tools that build and restore peace and inner balance was born.