Hello, I’m
Avery Whitmore

Sound Meditation & Breathwork Practitioner
Avery Whitmore is a sound meditation and breathwork practitioner who is deeply committed to facilitating peace, wellbeing, and healing through the creative process of sound and breath.

Born and raised in Ohio, Avery grew up surrounded by energy workers and artists, exposing him to various forms of healing at a young age. These creative and healing modalities facilitated his own transformational experiences and breakthroughs, ultimately inspiring him to learn and share them with others.

Avery’s desire to help others on their own healing journeys initially led him to study massage therapy, which opened doors to other practices, ultimately leading him to sound meditation and breathwork.

A lifelong student, Avery is constantly seeking out opportunities to further his own learning and expansion. He is incredibly passionate about building and supporting community and helping others – individuals, communities, and businesses in the corporate space – expand, heal, deepen their awareness, and find greater wellbeing.

Avery is currently enrolled in Chopra's Meditation Teacher Training to join our worldwide teacher community.