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El Juego, el Niño Interior y Tú
Poder jugar hace felices a los niños, pero crecer cambia esto y no para mejor. Los niños juegan, pero los adultos trabajan. Esa es la opinión predominante, como lo ha sido durante siglos, así que veamos a dónde se fue la diversión de la vida y por qué necesita regresar. Lo ideal, de hecho, es llenar de juego toda tu vida, incluida tu vida espiritual.

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Personal Growth

Play, the Inner Child, and You

Being allowed to play makes children happy, but growing up changes this and not for the better. Children play, but adults work. That’s the prevailing view, as it has been for centuries, so let’s see where the playfulness of life went and why it needs to come back. The ideal, in fact, is to infuse your whole life with play, including your spiritual life.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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Personal Growth

Spiritual Luminaries: Ram Dass

Although he may never have thought of himself as such, Ram Dass was a spiritual giant. A trained psychologist, author, teacher, and counterculture icon, Ram Dass was a driving force behind the evolution of spirituality in the West. Known for his pursuit of a wide array of spiritual practices and teachings, he led the way for countless seekers to find and explore their spiritual path.

Adam Brady
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Personal Growth

Consejos Para Una Carrera Dichosa

Si suena extraño emparejar las dos palabras "dicha" y "carrera", la razón es clara: en la vida moderna, la satisfacción personal no es una alta prioridad cuando se trata del ámbito laboral. Los encuestadores reportan que a la mayoría de las personas les gusta su trabajo, pero eso no es decir mucho. Por lo general, una semana laboral moderna consiste en largas horas, llevar el trabajo a casa, soportar las dificultades interpersonales en el trabajo y enfrentar el estrés repetido.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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Personal Growth

Tips for a Blissful Career

If it sounds strange to pair the two words “blissful” and “career,” the reason is easy to find: In modern life personal satisfaction is not a high priority when it comes to the workplace. Pollsters find that most people like their jobs, but that doesn’t place the bar high. Typically, a modern work week consists of long hours, taking work home, putting up with interpersonal difficulties on the job, and confronting repeated stress.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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Meditation on the Koshas for the Multidimensional Self

One of the incomplete views of the self that many of us have grown up with comes from an interpretation of the Cartesian maxim “I think; therefore I am.” Descartes shared that statement not to define what it means to be human but rather as a discovery of a statement that could not be refuted. Nevertheless, as a culture we seem to have adopted that statement as a definition of who we are: that our ability to think is synonymous with being sentient.

Heidi Spear
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Discovering Your Essence Through the Five Koshas

The five koshas are the pathway to the deepest layers of ourselves. When we embark upon any journey to and through ourselves, we are taking a journey through these layers of existence. Each of these layers is seen as a veil that has been created for us to develop deeper understanding, to examine, and ultimately to transcend as we find our way back to our truest Self.

Daniel Sannito (they/them)
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Mind-Body Health

La Máxima Prioridad Para Tener un Cuerpo Sano

Aquí hay un cuestionario con una sola pregunta: ¿Para tener un cuerpo sano, que es más deseable, estar en forma físicamente o estar libre de depresión? La respuesta correcta es estar libre de depresión. La depresión está relacionada con la falta de sueño, la fatiga, la disminución de la inmunidad, la susceptibilidad a las infecciones, los ataques cardíacos prematuros y más. Pero la mayoría de la gente tiene la costumbre de acercarse a sus cuerpos sólo físicamente.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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Mind-Body Health

The Top Priority for Having a Healthy Body

Here’s a quiz with only one question: To have a healthy body, which is more desirable, being in shape physically or being free of depression? The correct answer is being free of depression. Depression is linked to poor sleep, fatigue, lowered immunity, susceptibility to infections, premature heart attacks, and more. But most people are in the habit of approaching their bodies only physically.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.