Meet our Experts

Certified Life Coach
Deborah Chalk is a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach, writer, and teacher. She helps successful women who are pressured and unfulfilled in their jobs find work that inspires them, while nurturing themselves on this journey. You can find her at... Read More
Originally from Kathmandu, Nepal, Deep is a meditation master creator of Deep Sound Meditation. At his special event at Summoning the Sacred, he will use Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, tingshas, and other ancient instruments to take you into expanded states of... Read More
Deepak Chopra, M.D., F.A.C.P., is the co-founder of the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, the founder of the Chopra Foundation, and a world-renowned pioneer in integrative medicine... Read More
Devika Kishore has had an interesting journey to the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. Born and raised in India, where she received her degree in Accounting and Business, Devika soon found herself in places far away from home. She has worked as a high school... Read More
Bringing over 30 years of insight and professional experience to her work, internationally recognized sound healer, recording artist, published author and educator,Diáne Mandle has conducted hundreds of concerts spanning 32 states. She is the only Tibetan... Read More
Certified Instructor: Meditation
Dimitra is a Primordial Sound Meditation instructor. She practices and teaches meditation as the base for personal evolvement and overall... Read More
Dina Strada, an event planner, freelance writer, and intuitive counselor and coach, is passionate about expanding consciousness and helping others connect to their true selves and live their life’s purpose.  Dina is a graduate of Boston College and Coach U, a... Read More
Having spent her formative years in western Africa with her father's family, Djenaba Dioum Kelly now incorporates many traditional healing methods into a spiritual healing practice for people in the West. She serves as a bridge between indigenous ways of... Read More
Don Miguel Ruiz is the international bestselling author of a series of books including, The Four Agreements -over 7 years on The New York Times bestseller list- and the 36th bestselling book of the decade. He has dedicated his life to sharing the wisdom of... Read More
Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is a Nagual, a Toltec Master of Transformation.  He is a direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Knight lineage and is the son of don Miguel Ruiz.  By combining the wisdom of his family’s traditions with the knowledge gained from his... Read More