Meet our Experts

Dr. Steinhubl is the director of Digital Medicine at the Scripps Translational Science Institute and a clinical cardiologist at Scripps Health. Dr. Steinhubl’s research activities have covered a broad range of topics in cardiology, with a primary early focus... Read More
Dr. Stuart Hameroff is a professor of anesthesiology and psychology, and director of the Center for Consciousness Studies at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He became interested in intelligent behavior of microtubules, protein lattices that organize... Read More
Suanne works as a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA. She is knowledgeable and passionate about using essential oils daily for optimal health and wellness. Find more info and recipes using essential oils on her... Read More
Subhash Kak is Regents Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. He has made fundamental contributions to neural networks, information science, and quantum theory. He was the first to come up with the idea of... Read More
Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar is a world-renowned Ayurvedic physician and medical astrologer from a family of traditional Vedic healers in India. He holds a B.A. in Ayurvedic medicine and completed a three-year residency as an M.D. (doctorate in Ayurvedic internal... Read More
Speaker, Teacher, and Author
Susan Armstrong is an international speaker, award winning trainer, and author of An Invisible Prison—a remarkable story of triumph over self-defeating behaviors. Susan works with people to help them overcome their barriers to personal and professional... Read More
A Vedic Educator certified by the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, Susan teaches in the Chopra Center’s Meditation Weekend, Seduction of Spirit, and Journey into Healing programs. She is the Co-Founder of Bliss Yoga, a Los Angeles-based yoga and meditation... Read More
Certified Instructor: Meditation
Tamara Lechner is a happiness expert and Chopra-Certified Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor. Her mission is to be so happy that those around her cannot help but step into her... Read More
Founder of Sistership Circle
Tanya Lynn is the Founder of Sistership Circle, a worldwide sisterhood movement empowering women to step into their true beauty, brilliance, and boldness as feminine leaders. She is the author of “Open Your Heart: How to be a New Generation Feminine Leader”... Read More
Tara Brach is a leading western teacher of Buddhist meditation, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening. She has practiced and taught meditation for more than 35 years, with an emphasis on Vipassana (mindfulness or insight) meditation. Tara is the senior... Read More