Monica Graves

Vedic Educator

With a formal background in marketing and management, and several years of insight into life in the corporate world, she has a sincere passion for bringing practices of mindfulness and wellness into the workplace. Monica is a Vedic Educator, certified in Primordial Sound MeditationSeven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle, and teaches weekly group classes and private three-day meditation workshops at the Chopra Center.

Monica's entire life trajectory changed for the better after her first yoga class in 2008. Soon Monica found herself practicing both yoga and meditation on a regular basis. Life guided Monica to work at the Chopra Center, immerse herself in these timeless teachings, and serve as an educator for the thousands of guests who come to the Chopra Center to learn the tools for health, balance, and transformation.

Articles by Monica Graves

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