Michelle Fondin

Vedic Educator

Michelle is a Vedic Educator, certified to teach Primordial Sound Meditation, Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle. She is the author of The Wheel of Healing with Ayurveda: An Easy Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle and Help! I Think My Loved One Is an Alcoholic: A Survival Guide for Lovers, Family & Friends.

Michelle is a member of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association, The Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America, and the Yoga Alliance. You can learn more about Michelle at www.fondinwellness.com or www.michellefondin.com.


Articles by Michelle Fondin

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Releasing emotional toxins is just as important as cleansing your body of physical toxins. Learn how to lighten your emotional baggage with these healing strategies.Read More
There are seven main chakras, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. These invisible wheels of energy keep us vibrant and healthy. This article is the first in a Chakra series, and offers an overview of the seven chakras and how they can affect our lives.Read More
As a health-conscious parent, it’s easy to walk through a school cafeteria and cringe at the choices available to kids. From Lunchable, artificially-made, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to cups of fruit floating in water, it may seem that the healthy habits you’re teaching at home cannot be...Read More
The question I most often hear from students is, “What can give me the quickest results to take my practice or health to the next level?” For all inquisitive minds out there, here's my advice.Read More
“Ping!” “Bringg!” “Beep!” “Tap, tap, tap!” Our lives are inundated with sounds, we hear them everywhere we go. Our sense of hearing is a beautiful one. We are lucky to hear the birds chirping to announce the break of dawn, the gurgle of a baby observing life innocently, or the voice of a loved one...Read More



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