Cindy Cordova

Certification Program Support Specialist, Certified Instructor: Meditation

Originally from Lima, Peru, Cindy has been working at the Chopra Center since 2013. Her role is to support Chopra Center certified instructors and students on the teacher’s path at Chopra Center Certifications in any way she can to make their learning and teaching experiences easier and more fulfilling. She is also a certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor.

Cindy holds a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Administration from Boston University and a Master’s in Higher Education Leadership from the University of San Diego. As an avid traveler and connector, Cindy is passionate about empowering young Andean Peruvian women through The Visionaria Network as she assists in leadership curriculum development and training facilitation. As a Gates Millennium Scholar, she continues to mentor high-achieving minority students pursue higher education.

Cindy stays balanced by exercising daily, meditating, laughing, embracing positivity, eating dark chocolate, doing yoga, and traveling.

Articles by Cindy Cordova

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