Sara Harvey

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Sara Harvey

Vedic Educator

As a Chopra Center instructor certified in Primordial Sound Meditation and Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle , Sara is passionate about sharing the Chopra Center’s teachings and tools for mind-body health, fulfillment, and authentic success. She teaches at many of the Chopra Center’s events, workshops, and trainings, and she is dedicated to her own daily practices for balance and well-being. 



Three Small Shifts to Feel Good All Day Long

True health and wellbeing is a lifestyle that does not happen overnight. It is a series of gradual, subtle shifts. A gentle unfolding of a more balanced existence. One could certainly spend hundreds of hours reading, attending seminars, practicing, falling off the wagon, getting back on said wagon, and continually striving to get it “right.” While walking the path toward wholeness isn’t always easy, it can and should be simple. Forget where we want to be ten years from now. By making small, daily shifts that allow us to feel good in this very moment, we open ourselves up to unlimited vitality, wellness and abundance.

Sara Harvey
Mind-Body Health

The Inspired Workplace

It's no secret that in today's modern workplace, we are faced daily with an ever-growing number of responsibilities, challenges, and fires that must be put out with urgency. Every moment is an opportunity for greatness, for rising to the occasion—or for falling victim to our old patterns of limiting beliefs. Fortunately, we can choose to live each moment from that place of greatness by adopting a few simple practices to help you awaken to your full potential and meet those challenges with success.

Sara Harvey