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Natalli Amato

Poet and Journalist

Natalli Amato is a poet and journalist who explores how we relate to ourselves, others, and the natural world through her writing. Natalli’s first full-length poetry collection, On a Windless Night , was published by Ra Press in 2019. Her second collection, Burning Barrel , will be released in 2022 by Finishing Line Press. In both collections, wild, rural landscapes serve as teachers showing us how to live, love, and let go. Her chapbook, Gone Walking and Other Departures, grapples with grief and loss and has recently been accepted for publication by Illuminated Press. Natalli’s poem “ Price Chopper, Alex Bay ” has been nominated for the 2020/2021 Best of The Net Anthology.

As a working journalist, Natalli regularly writes for Rolling Stone, Vice, and Taste of Country. She covers music and entertainment, news, and lifestyle across the publications. For two years, she was the assistant to the editor-in-chief of Rolling Stone and during that time she helped produce the magazine’s hugely popular 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list.

She earned her bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University, where she studied Sociology and Public Relations. She was awarded the university’s Edwin T. Whiffen Poetry Prize for her poem “When I am Shucking Corn.”

Currently, Natalli is working on her first Young Adult novel and is preparing to pursue her master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. You can read her poetry and prose at


Closeup shot of a person practicing yoga in the living room at home
Mind-Body Health

How to Use Mindfulness to Prevent Burnout at Work

For most professionals, the feeling of burnout is a familiar one. The energy that once filled your workday slowly trickles away. You notice your efficiency slip but cannot find the inspiration to regain it. The fatigue settles into your body. You can feel it in your back, your temples. Even if you entered your profession with lofty inspirations and a sense of fulfillment, you notice your inner dialogue around your job becoming increasingly negative. Experiencing burnout isn’t a reflection on you or your professional worthiness. It’s a consequence of a culture that encourages people to put work ahead of their personal needs. According to a recent trends report from the American Psychological Association, burnout and work-related stress are at an all-time high. That’s why it’s never been more important for professionals to practice mindfulness.

Natalli Amato