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Musician, author, and poet

Londrelle is a London-based poet, author, and musician. Londrelle’s works, words, and poetry are deeply inspired by eastern philosophy and Vedic literature. As an independent artist, Londrelle has released seven studio albums, his most famous being Stay Free. As a self-published author, he has released three books. His self-help poetry book, Eternal Sunshine, and his most recent book, Self Care Package: Healing Through The Chakras, help inspire minds and nurture souls along the spiritual path. Londrelle is the creator and voice of the popular mindfulness and meditation app Eternal Sunshine which provides daily inspiration and mindfulness talks to its over one million daily users. Londrelle's art and offerings remain anchored in his desire to serve and remove suffering from the hearts and minds of all souls.


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Personal Growth

Aligning Your Life with Infinite Abundance

When we think of the word abundance, we often think of material accumulation or “how much” we have. The way society frames abundance is almost always connected to material wealth which can leave us constantly reaching for more. If we get caught up in this mindset it leads us to believe that we are not inherently enough. Through constantly searching outside of ourselves, seeking validation for our enough-ness, our vision becomes clouded. We can’t see clearly that there’s a natural flow of abundance around and within us if we are stuck in a scarcity mindset.