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Julia Oatey

Writer and Student Journalist

Julia is a senior at San Diego State University passionate about launching her career into the world of journalism and health and wellness.

She enjoys writing across a variety of categories including entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and health and wellness and has work published in the digital editions of LA Confidential and Angeleno magazines. When she is not working or going to school, Julia enjoys painting, playing the piano, cooking, and working out. To learn more about Julia visit


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Personal Growth

How to Stay Positive During the Pressures of Young Adulthood

For many of us, our 20s can be an era of utter confusion. Pressure from all angles of life including uncertainty towards our career path, unbalanced relationships, and financial struggles appear to be thrown at us faster than a 90-mph baseball pitch. It’s as though the world is grabbing us by the shoulders and shaking us to say, “wake up, your life is about to begin.”

Julia Oatey