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Gabrielle Marchese is a writer, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, PSYCH-K facilitator and Ayurvedic wellness educator whose mission is to empower people to feel their best and access their full potential.

Gabrielle believes that with the right tools, we are all capable of feeling amazing and living a life that we love. She has found deep solace and healing through meditation, embodied movement, holistic wellness and subconscious work and offers mentorship and one on one support for those looking to step into a new way of being.

She has been a long time contributor for Yoga Journal and has written for , Bennd Yoga, and various other wellness sites.

When not writing, you can find Gabrielle in the ocean, road tripping, connecting with nature, creating and exploring her community.

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Woman practicing lunge twist

Kapha Balancing Sequence for Optimal Digestion

Springtime is associated with Kapha, the dosha governed by earth and water. Some of Kapha’s gunas, or qualities, include slow, moist, cold, and unctuous. As we transition into spring, the Kapha we have accumulated over winter begins to release, causing allergies, excess mucus, and sluggish digestion if we aren’t eating or adjusting our lifestyles to assist us during the change of seasons. Kapha season can dull our digestive fire, leading to poor digestion and assimilation, bloating, and incomplete elimination.

Gabrielle Marchese
Profile of woman with hands in anjali mudra in field outdoors

Pranayama for Mental Stillness

It is the nature of the human mind to wander. We naturally create narratives, fantasies and accumulate mental chatter as we move throughout our days. Certain factors can exacerbate mental chatter; stress, caffeine, long work days, and anxiety can all make it seem near impossible for the mind to slow down. We can become lost in the landscape of the mind and forget to return to the present moment. The present moment is our seat of power and allows us to access our innate wisdom and intuition.

Gabrielle Marchese
Smiling Asian woman drinking hot drink in her bed in the morning

Ayurvedic Herbs for a Positive Mental State

Herbs are a critical component of Ayurvedic healing. Traditional Ayurvedic herbs can assist us in promoting wellness, preventing disease, and optimizing our overall well-being. Maintaining a balanced mental state during these unpredictable times is becoming increasingly important. We all could use some assistance keeping our peace, and herbs are here to help.

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Cropped view of a young woman with the wind in her hair
Mind-Body Health

How to Keep Your Peace During Uncertain Times

Our outside circumstances will shift and change throughout our entire lives. Our relationships, work, living situations, and health will inevitably evolve in ways outside of our control. You will likely experience periods when life feels challenging and overwhelming, but cultivating a strong sense of equanimity and connection to self allows you to navigate the ups and downs of life and inevitably return to a state of peace.

Gabrielle Marchese
Yogi practicing Warrior III at sunset

A Yoga Practice to Kick Off the New Year

Our bodies hold the stories and experiences of our past. Clearing stagnation and creating space in the body is essential for fostering mental clarity and the freedom to welcome new stories, experiences, and ways of thinking. Entering a new year is a powerful time to create intention around what we would like to create for the year ahead. It’s important to have both clarity on our desires and the space to receive what we are calling in.

Gabrielle Marchese