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Fran Benedict

Integrative Nutrition Counselor

Fran Benedict is a certified health and integrative nutrition counselor and the founder of . She has been on a path of health promotion and behavior for more than 20 years and loves discovering new ways to bring attention and intention into everyday life. She believes in the extraordinary power of the mind to create a quality of life every person deserves, emphasizing the relation to oneself as the foundation for everything else.

A member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Fran, holds a particular interest in the mind+body connection with an emphasis on the gut-brain relationship and its impact on mental health, inflammation, hormones, and the nervous system. She believes Food is Medicine and helps people reconnect to food as a positive source of energy and life. She has led a range of health-promotion initiatives and workshops at Pinterest, , Feeding America, The Boys and Girls Club, and Stanford University Center for Continuing Studies. She also leads health-promotion planning efforts with global gatherings such as Wisdom 2.0 and Dreamforce, the annual conference for Salesforce, to promote mindfulness in the digital age.

Fran loves friends, family, nature, organic gardening, cooking, running, yoga, meditation, swimming, camping, exploring, photography, dancing, and not taking herself too seriously.


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Cómo Desarrollar Una Práctica de Alimentación Consciente

“Los principios básicos de la alimentación consciente incluyen ser consciente de los nutrientes disponibles a través del proceso de preparación y consumo de alimentos, elegir alimentos agradables y nutritivos, reconocer las preferencias alimentarias sin juzgar, reconocer y respetar las señales físicas de hambre y saciedad, y usar la sabiduría para guiar las decisiones alimentarias.” –Cheryl Harris, MPH, RD

Fran Benedict