Hello, I’m
Daniel Sannito (they/them)

Trans, non-binary activist, educator, and yoga facilitator

Daniel (they/them) is a 500-hr E-RYT based in Charlotte, NC. Daniel moves through this world as a trans, non-binary activist, educator, and facilitator of yoga and meditation. They are one of the 7 co-founders of the Trans Yoga Project, a group of wellness educators committed to creating equitable and affirming spaces for trans and queer communities.
Daniel completed their first yoga teacher trainings nearly 10 years ago and, like many, experienced profound healing through deepening their connection to Self. In this space of healing, Daniel found liberation and full expression in their gender, identity, and community.

Rooted in heart-forward practice in all aspects of their life, Daniel dedicates their voice to creating welcoming and affirming spaces for all humans to explore and connect to their own hearts deeply and fully. Alongside their yoga asana and meditation classes, Daniel leads workshops and trainings focused on education to support those learning how to best hold space for LGBTQIAP individuals.

Ultimately, their goal in sharing this practice, this education, and their story is to cultivate a space where any and all students are able to dive a little bit deeper into themselves and embrace their true nature. Their hope is to offer more peace, joy, and ease in your practices on and off the mat, every single day.

Stay connected with Daniel on Instagram: @danielsannito_ or visit their website at danielsannito.com to learn more about them and their offerings.


Surfer seated at edge of the water on a sandy beach

Asana Flow Inspired by Water to Bring On Transformation

We live in a world that is largely created using straight lines, boxes, and sharp angles. We see it in the steel frame of a new building being built, in the grid structure of big city streets, even on our highways, outlined in colors and dashed lines. It’s no wonder we crave routine in our daily lives, the world we live in guides us towards structure at every turn. When we get caught up in structure and hard lines it’s easy to forget the natural ebb and flow that we embody.

Daniel Sannito (they/them)
Person in middle of lake at sunset
Personal Growth

Leading With Curiosity to Embrace Infinite Possibility

The world is full of potential and infinite possibility, when we are guided by curiosity we feel it in every action and interaction. Think of the wonderment in a child’s eyes, they show us that even what we might view as mundane is an opportunity to create something new. Everything they do, see, and interact with is exciting because there’s mystery and untold knowledge waiting to be uncovered. It’s a lesson in exploration to watch a child learn and experience the world for the very first time. They aren’t tied to expectation or outcome because they don’t have a reference for how they think things might turn out.

Daniel Sannito (they/them)
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Personal Growth

The Transformational Journey Towards Wholeness

I recognized at a young age that when I expressed myself in ways that were seen as ‘different’ it wasn’t received well. As a trans kid in this world, you learn pretty early on what folks around you believe to be right and what they believe to be wrong. Because difference in the Western world is often used as a substitute for wrong, I knew that to survive I’d have to hide parts of myself away. This experience, unfortunately, is not exclusive to me. There have been moments in all of our lives where we’ve sacrificed pieces of who we are for fear of being seen as different or ‘other.’

Daniel Sannito (they/them)