Dana Brady

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Dana Brady

Yoga teacher, runner, and culinary aficionado, Dana Brady has been associated with the Chopra Center since 2015. She is certified in the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, and regularly teaches in the Central Florida area, as part of after-work sessions a few times a week, to fellow employees. She has recently begun offering virtual classes through her social media channels weekly, to help manage the stresses of spending more time in the home.

Dana has a passion for running Half Marathons, and has found a wonderful balance between intense race training, and the physical and mental benefits of Yoga. She has expanded this passion to the racing community, and teaches Yoga classes geared to runners for race training and recovery at local Half Marathon and Marathon race Expos.


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6 Tools for Speaking and Living Your Truth from a Place of Love

We all have our basic code of conduct—how we act when no one is looking and how we act when everyone is looking. Everyone’s code of conduct varies based on their beliefs, life experiences, and the environment in which they grew up. No one is perfect. We all stumble from time to time. But when we speak or act our truth from a place of love, not only are we becoming our best selves, but we are also allowing others to build their trust in us.

Dana Brady