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On Mother’s Day, honor the love, wisdom, humanity, and compassion offered by mothers worldwide.Read More
While COVID-19 touches everyone in different ways, you play a part in keeping those around you healthy and safe. Here’s how you can do your part while maintaining your well-being.Read More
An Ayurvedic approach to depression takes into account mental, spiritual, and physical aspects of health and well-being. Within Ayurveda, there are three subsets of depression corresponding to the three doshas.Read More
What is self-compassion? It’s pretty simple: giving yourself the same unconditional acceptance, kindness, empathy, and TLC that you would extend to another person you care about. Here’s how you can start cultivating it.Read More
Your chakras offer valuable information about how your beautiful, holistic, delicate human system is doing. Check in with your body, mind, and spirit daily during the pandemic.Read More
The rise of COVID-19 may be leading you to rethink your place in the world. Explore this six-part ritual to help you think about how you can serve, and what you are here for.Read More
Is it possible to move through a global pandemic and a personal sense of uncertainty while retaining an undercurrent of joy? The short answer is yes.Read More
A healthy immune system is responsible for fighting off bacteria, viruses, and fungi among other invaders. Stress can have negative impacts on your immune system, so it is important to learn how you can elicit a relaxation response during times of high stress, such as a pandemic. Here’s how.Read More
In times when people are struggling with their health, finances, loneliness, and tragic circumstances beyond their control, it might seem simplistic or patronizing to encourage them to be more positive. Here’s why it’s crucial to stay positive right now.Read More