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Love wins! Every day, in every way, greater love and acceptance of yourself encourages empathy and acceptance toward others.Read More
Cultivating compassion can help you stay present with the suffering you’re facing each day—without getting overwhelmed. Here are three meditations to help you strengthen your compassion muscles so you’re prepared to meet the suffering you witness.Read More
How is it possible to practice compassion toward people who frustrate you, who have nothing in common with you, or who do so much harm in the world? Here are four techniques you can try.Read More
Food can be both comforting and taxing, especially during times of uncertainty. Keep yourself grounded, centered, and healthy with these recommendations on what to eat during the COVID-19 pandemic.Read More
Knowing and understanding the nuances of your child’s dosha can help you decide which activities will engage them most, which foods will nourish them best, and how to help soothe strong emotions when life gets hectic.Read More
If you can’t change your circumstances, change your mind! When you make the radical choice to shift your perspective, you cease to be a victim of your environment and open up space for joy to arise.Read More
Originally published by SF Gate. The COVID crisis is being fought on two fronts, medical and economic, but most people are suffering psychologically. The word “existential” rarely comes up in normal everyday life, but the crisis has created all the symptoms of existential dread: a sense of futility...Read More
Communication is key. Especially during these trying times, communication is more important than ever. Here are some general tips for communicating your mental health needs with a loved one.Read More
Dr. Usui’s Reiki philosophy is simple and realistic, and includes the Precepts, or kotodamas, which invoke the energy of words. Here’s why the Precepts are relevant today and how you can bring them into your life.Read More