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Have you ever had the experience of finding yourself on a new path in life, and suddenly you feel like you're all alone? You're becoming more aware, experiencing next-level shifts, and moving in a positive direction ”¦ but wait! Where did everyone go?!Read More
Inspiration runs high at workshops and retreats; it's after the session ends that the real test begins. These five tips will help you maintain your motivation when you get home.Read More
Big changes start with small habits. Learn how to take positive thoughts and turn them into daily life-changing rituals with these tips.Read More
Releasing emotional toxins is just as important as cleansing your body of physical toxins. Learn how to lighten your emotional baggage with these healing strategies.Read More
All the poses, pranayama, meditation, and mantra we practice have a host of benefits for body, mind, and spirit, but they share a single goal: Bringing us to a place where we can be silent, still, and focused enough to connect with ourselves at the soul level.Read More
Routines can help keep your body and mind in a balanced and peaceful state. Since Kaphas are prone to being sluggish when out of balance, try this easy-to-follow daily routine to stay energized and keep yourself on your toes.Read More
Routines can help keep your body and mind in a balanced and peaceful state. Avoid Pitta imbalances like irritability and impatience with this easy-to-follow daily routine.Read More
Kaphas possess many wonderful qualities that arise from the combination of earth and water elements. While sometimes Kapha types are teased for being “too slow” or set in their ways, Kaphas are extraordinarily kind, accepting, and strong.Read More
Pitta gives rise to many powerful qualities in your body and mind. Although Pittas are sometimes teased for being “hot-headed” or domineering, when they are in balance, Pittas are kind-hearted, enterprising souls with the courage to follow through on their dreams.Read More