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We all have a role to play in healing the energy of the world so that we can balance out the negativity that has taken over. Here's how.Read More
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Located in the area of the third eye, the Ajna chakra connects you to your center of intuition. When open, it can help you make good decisions and even protect you from potential harm.Read More
Showing compassion for another is a matter of tapping into an empathetic versus a sympathetic connection. Find out how to support someone who is suffering without letting judgment get in the way.Read More
Consciousness is the moving force behind all life changes. To create a shift, you must be aware of your goal and plan how you intend to get there.Read More
Stop glorifying busy and start living a life that's fulfilling, present, and productive. Here's how to start living the life you're meant to.Read More
A compassionate lifestyle leads not only to better emotional and mental health—research shows it can improve physical health, speed up recovery from disease, and even lengthen your lifespan. Learn how you can start living a compassionate lifestyle.Read More
When you truly know yourself, you exude confidence that allows you to live with grace and ease. You also positively impact those around you. Use these tips to discover your true self and share that gift with others.Read More