Yoga practice


Cultivating a daily yoga practice allows us to explore our inner world every time we step on the mat, creating a deeper connection with our bodies as well as with our mind and spirit. Yoga puts us in touch with our essential nature. As the spiritual Law of Pure Potentiality states, our true self is pure awareness and unbounded potential.

By cultivating body-centered restful awareness during yoga class, we are able to access this field of pure potentiality. By being mindful of our breath with each movement, we turn our attention to the stillness and silence within . . . opening to expanded layers of our deepest self.

The Law of Pure Potentiality resonates with the seventh chakra, located at the crown of our head. Learn more about chakras here. One of the ways to enliven the seventh chakra is by practicing headstands. Doing a headstand activates our potential to grow into something new or to explore something fresh.

Resources to begin or deepen your yoga practice:

Chopra Center Yoga - at the La Costa Resort : Classes offered daily

Chopra Yoga - In Vancouver and Toronto, Canada : Classes offered daily

Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Retreat at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing

Find a Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga teacher near you >>

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