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What Is a HumaGram?

woman speaking in front of a crowd
what is a humagram

Augmented reality gadgets and gizmos are all the hype, and for good reason. New technologies are enabling two-way interaction and experiences to appear and feel to be in real life, but are actually in the virtual, digital realm.

HumaGrams are human holograms, and it’s incredible how real they look and feel. With this advanced technology, you can actually create living, deceased or fictional digital humans that look and feel like they are right in front of you. Pre-record the human behind the hologram, or present them live from another location, either way, the HumaGram can actually interact with viewers in real time.

It’s almost unbelievable that we have made this type of leap in technology. So unbelievable, we’d like to give you a taste of what this experience can look like so you can see for yourself. ARHT Media joined us at a recent Chopra Center event to show us what exactly a HumaGram was and what it can do. Check out how much our participants enjoyed the HumaGram at The Chopra Center.