Quiz: What Kind of Yoga Is Right for You?

The key to connecting with your mind, body, and spirit through yoga is to match your practice with your personality and your physical needs. There are so many different styles and flavors of yoga—from a rigorous and sweaty Ashtanga class, to an alignment-based, heart-opening Anusara class, to the gentle, soul-awakening Seven Spiritual Laws of Yogaeach style of yoga will give you a different way to connect with the ancient wisdom of yoga. Take the quiz below to find out which style is a perfect fit for you.

1. What is your level of experience with yoga?

A. I wear yoga pants, but I’ve never been to a class.
B. I've been to a few basic classes, and even know a few Sanskrit words for pose names.
C. I am thinking about doing yoga right now.  
D. I've tried it and enjoy the workout aspect of yoga.
E. I can do headstands all day long.

2. What is your level of fitness?

A. I don’t like to sweat.
B. I don’t have any injuries; I do cardio, and I’m pretty inflexible.
C. I am in good health and decent shape.
D. I work out almost every day. I tend to be competitive with my fitness/exercise routine.
E. I am in great shape, and I like to sweat.

3. Do you want to incorporate spirituality into your practice?

A. I want to keep it basic.
B. I’m pretty open-minded.
C. I have a regular spiritual practice and I’m interested in going deeper.
D. Not really, I’m more interested in the physical benefits of yoga.
E. Bring it on! The more spirituality the better.

4. Do you want to hold poses or would you rather go with the flow?

A. Slow pace please, I want to hold the poses longer.
B. Some flow, some holding, I like a good mix.
C. I don’t want to hold poses; I like to keep it moving.
D. I don’t care as long as it’s an intense workout.
E. I like both styles, depending on my mood and energy level.

5. Do you want to make yoga a part of your lifestyle?

A. No, I’m happy going to class once a week, and that’s good enough.
B. I am open to the idea of incorporating some of the philosophies into my life.
C. Yes, I want a diet and lifestyle practice to go along with my Asana practice.
D. I’m not sure.
E. I am living my yoga on and off the mat 24/7!

6. Do you want to be more adventurous with your yoga practice?

A. No, I have enough adventure in my life already; I just want to find some peace.
B. I like some variety in my practice.
C. I’m up for trying something new and challenging.
D. As long as I’m getting my heart rate up and getting a good sweat, count me in.
E. The more adventurous, the better!

7. What is your favorite yoga pose?

A. Corpse Pose
B. Tree Pose
C. Warrior Pose
D. Plank Pose
E. Any pose where I’m upside down

8. How do you want to feel when you leave yoga class?

A. I want to feel peaceful.
B. I want to feel energized.
C. I want to feel proud that I did something that I didn’t know that I could do.
D. I want to be sweaty.
E. I want to feel like I was challenged.

9. What do you most hope to gain from your yoga practice?

A. Stress-reduction
B. Flexibility
C. Mind-Body balance and strength
D. A yoga butt
E. A little adventure and a practice I enjoy

10. What does yoga mean to you?

A. Breathing and stretching; a way for me to relax.
B. A technology for integrating body, mind, and spirit.
C. A spiritual and physical practice, as well as a philosophy to live by.
D. Balance, strength, and flexibility
E. A challenging physical practice, plus a spiritual component.



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