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How to Be Flexible and Supportive on the Spiritual Path
So often, spiritual journeys feel like solo ones. Whether we’re wrestling with our dark night of the soul or finally feeling the liberation of our loving, awakening heart, these are experiences that belong to our own consciousness, our own awareness.
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Personal Growth

Cleaning with Intention: How to Refresh Your Space in the New Year

Setting intentions for the New Year is an excellent ritual to invite more mindfulness and care into your life. Many New Year’s resolutions are centered around self-improvement — and for good reason. It’s a new year and we want to use this opportunity to improve our lives and ourselves. But, intention setting doesn’t only adhere to personal growth, it can be incorporated into many areas of our lives, including our pesky household chores, such as cleaning.

Jessie Quinn
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Personal Growth

Una mejor manera de hacer realidad los sueños

Dado que todos tenemos sueños, deseos y esperanzas, hacerlos realidad ocupa mucho de nuestro tiempo y esfuerzo. Pero el camino para hacer realidad un sueño es muy turbio y muchas personas quedan atrapadas en un estado de duda, frustración o ilusiones. Veamos si se puede encontrar un camino que tenga una base sólida con una alta probabilidad de funcionar mejor que el camino que recomienda la sociedad.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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Personal Growth

Transforming Balance into Harmony

Finding balance often equates to holding two things next to each other and trying to bring them into an equilibrium of sorts. When we try to conjure up a visual representation of what balance means, likely the first thing to come to mind is a scale or some variation of linear representation with two opposing sides. The balance, of course, would be when each endpoint, or side of the scale, is in line with the other.

Daniel Sannito (they/them)
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Personal Growth

Journaling for Inspiration and Joy in the New Year

In the first months of the year, we tend to reflect on the past and create wishes and intentions for the new year. Now is the perfect time to journal as a way of engaging in conversation with yourself. Whether you need to vent, ask questions, or explore a complicated situation, there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a journal, a pencil or pen, and a few moments to yourself each day. Over the years there’s been so much public interest in journaling that it’s been scientifically researched and proven to increase our ability to cope with anxiety, focus on important tasks, improve our mood, and so much more.

Heidi Spear
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Personal Growth

A Better Way to Make Dreams Come True

Since everyone has dreams, wishes, and hopes, making them come true occupies a lot of our time and efforts. But the path to making a dream come true is very murky, and many people are caught in a state of doubt, frustration, or wishful thinking. Let’s see if a path can be found that has a solid foundation with a high chance of working better than the path society recommends.

Deepak Chopra™, M.D.
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Personal Growth

Welcome the New Year with Intention

2021 has certainly been an unusual year. May Divine Love and Light be with those whose year was a struggle and with those who found new hope. As we move into 2022, whatever your experiences, now it is time to let go of the past and explore the adventures that lie ahead. Times of transition give us the opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, perhaps making any necessary adjustments to realign with our spiritual goals.

Roger Gabriel
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Personal Growth

Crear Calma en la Tormenta: Usar la Rutina Para Priorizar lo que Más Importa

Es común en esta época del año sentirse atraído en demasiadas direcciones, ansiando estabilidad en medio del caos. El fin de año es una época en la que apegarse a una rutina puede ayudarnos a sentirnos más arraigados, presentes a las alegrías de la vida y plenamente vivos. Las rutinas y los horarios son antídotos contra los efectos de las cualidades aireadas de Vata que dominan esta temporada.

Heidi Spear