My friend and sister, Debbie Ford


It is with deep sorrow that I share with all of you the news of Debbie Ford’s passing.

Debbie and her sister, Arielle, have been a part of my family for over twenty years. We have shared together much of our growth – our joys and our sorrows.

Needless to say, Debbie will live on as part of us for the time remaining for us, and live on in all of you who benefited from her wisdom, love, compassion, and desire to elevate the lives of everyone she touched.

Debbie was very brave in the handling of her illness, a rare form of sarcoma. Even in her passing she sent us intimate messages and told us to celebrate her life.

In that spirit, even as we grieve, we will celebrate every moment we shared with her.

With love and gratitude for the love we all share,

More about Debbie Ford

As an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation and human potential, Debbie Ford helped thousands of people find more love, happiness, and fulfillment in their lives. In addition to speaking and leading seminars throughout the world, she was also the best-selling author of nine books, including Spiritual Divorce and The Dark Side of the Light Chasers.

“Remember, all the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them.” ~Debbie Ford

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